Wacom Drivers: Uninstall Before Upgrading

Did you know that Wacom suggests you uninstall your old drivers before upgrading them? Neither did I.

Recently I have been seeing an issue on my Mac where the mouse pointer would move, but I couldn’t click on anything. No input device would work — not my Intuos4, not my Magic Trackpad, not the Magic Mouse.

I realized I had recently upgraded my Wacom drivers, and thought that might have been the issue. I posted a tweet about it, and got the following reply from @wacom:

@gcoghill Oh, no. Really? I know you're a pro, George, but I have to ask did you uninstall and delete your old driver first?

This I found interesting, because I had not been aware that this was the recommended procedure. I’ve never uninstalled anything —drivers or otherwise — before upgrading.

I’m not even sure the mouse pointer issue had anything to do with the Wacom drivers, but I thought I would share the info about the driver upgrading process for those unaware.

And for those of you concerned about losing your custom Wacom settings, don’t forget you can back up your Wacom graphics tablet settings with the newer versions of the drivers.

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