Artboard: Vector Drawing Software for Mac

Artboard is an interesting entry-level vector drawing application for Mac OS X. At $19.99, it comes in at a much lower price than professional-level tools, but for basic users Artboard might be all they need.

Artboard covers the basic vector drawing tools, but where it really shines is in the details. I particularly like how the radius of a rounded rectangle is edited with a slider right inside the object itself. Same for polygon/star building tools. Very handy and intuitive.

Very much a Mac OS X app, the interface builds on the OS X look and feel, and uses the Color and Fonts panel from Mac OS X.

Layers and transparency (at the object level) are fully integrated.

A great Help system, with extensive documentation and easy to understand descriptions of how tools work, for both expert vector users as well as novices.

Also interesting is the “clip art” gallery, which includes a healthy selection of objects, symbols, buttons, maps, flags and more. A floating palette lets you browse and add to your document with ease.

Due to limitations in the demo, I couldn’t export an vector art PDF to see how it translated when opening in Adobe Illustrator. The remaining export options are pixel-based.

An easy to use and intuitive vector drawing app for Mac OS X. I’m not sure this software would work in a professional workflow, especially one where others needed to open and edit your files, but for personal or local use — and a $20 price tag — casual users should definitely give this app a go to see if it fits their workflow.

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